Hallelujah !
Dear faithful brothers and sisters in Christ,

Supported by your prayer I started and established IMM (International Marketplace Ministry) in Japan, May 2013 by the guidance of The Lord. IMM represents your commitment and your personal walk with The Lord in the marketplace. Your relationship with God is that you make it to be. It is your dedication and your devotion to The Lord that will allow IMM to evoke the revival of many nations.

We are one people and one with The Lord and our savior Jesus Christ. Through your dedicated works and commitment, the great revival and the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ will visit many nations in the end time through marketplace.

You will be awaken by The Lord to discover your personal calling, then you will be trained to be field workers, intercessors, soldiers and missionaries for The Lord. Please join us IMM works to transform your city, your nation and to expand His Kingdom with the gospel all over the world, even "Back To Jerusalem (BTJ) !"

IMM founder and global director
Masahide Kanayama, MD

IMM Global Office