Vision and mission statements

1. IMM represents the personal walk and calling of the committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

2. IMM is the marketplace ministry. It is the works of regular Christians who received a calling from The Lord. We together proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom to families, shools, business, government, and various cities. IMM marketplace ministry will start and ignite a rivival in our heart first and it will transform your family, work, city, even to the entire nation.

3. Through this IMM work, many will receive specail training in prayer from the Holy Spirit, raised to a field worker, a IMM missionary, and a mighty soldiers of Jesus Christ.

4. IMM will participate to send the marketplace missinaries to all over the world, leading to the Back To Jerusalem movement.

5. We as a marketplace people, release our control to The Lord's hand. By our 100% commitment, we become the true disciple of Jesus Christ to follow His voice and do His will. We are united by the love and purpose of God and we are indeed one body with our Lord Jesus Christ.

6. IMM will have a revival meeting, an evangelistic meetings, and small meetings to teach IMM concept of "a walk and followship with The Lord."

7. IMM will have IMM PSG (Prayer Small Group) to help marketplace Christians into a meditation prayer to hear His voice and to have intimate fellowship with the Lord. You can register to PSG in your area in our ENGLISH IMM website.